Shan and Adam's Northwoods Photoshoot

I've run a marathon two or three times in my life (one race coming up this fall in Milwaukee, actually!), and it's always been the same race because it's GORGEOUS: the No Frills Marathon in Minocqua. This happens Labor Day weekend every year, and unfortunately (well, fortunately for me because I ain't ready), I will not be running it this upcoming weekend.

HOWEVER - the race goes through the Bearskin Trail. There's a spot on the trail that I refer to as "Narnia." It's one of the most beautiful scenic views I've ever seen, and I've always wanted to take pictures at this point...but I wasn't quite sure where on the trail it was. I just knew it was on the back 13 miles that leads into Minocqua. My husband, being the good sport that he is, agreed to not only take pictures with me, but he willingly offered to bike the trail to get to Narnia.

I told him, "I'm pretty sure it's like four or five miles in." Neither one of us are cyclists, and the bikes we have are kept at the cabin...Let's just say, they're in good enough shape that you can ride them, but the gears don't switch properly, and the seats are the original that came with the bikes probably back in the nineties.

Turns out, it was more than nine miles each way. He biked twenty miles, with no complaints (until he realized how sore he was post bike ride), just to take these silly pictures with me. A lot of them didn't even turn out because they were blurry, but still... I guess we'll always have that memory! Lol

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