Pictures: Shan Sewed Her Wedding Reception Top

I (Shan) was looking for a jumpsuit or something more "casual" for their wedding celebration since it would be outside in a beer garden. I mainly wanted to be COMFORTABLE, so I wouldn't have to worry about lugging a big dress around and sweating my butt off. It was getting too close for comfort, and I hadn't found an outfit that I liked, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. During the show one day, I sketched something out and decided I would make (at least the top) my outfit for the day hard could it be? Don't judge my drawing was just an idea or concept I wanted to get on paper. I know how to sew...just not that well anymore. And if I messed up, I had a few options that I wasn't crazy about, but they'd work!

I didn't have a pattern, so I decided to take a tank top that I liked from my own wardrobe and make a pattern out of that. I actually like the cut of the jumpsuit I wore to my family bridal shower last year, so I decided to lengthen the torso and work with that. I added 3/5 seam allowance around the edges of the tank, but I had to cut it out again because I was layering the base with a lace on top. I used satin on the bottom.

On the back, I decided to do a tulle bow to make the shirt more "bridal." I'm not a lace person; I'm not a bow person; I'm not an open-back person, so this whole thing was kind of out of the norm with me, but it was very hot the day of our party, and I was happy enough with the outcome! The only problem I had (and I should've just sewn shorts), was getting shorts or pants to match with the "true white" fabric I got. A lot of the white bottoms, I'd have to buy online. Despite the website saying they were white, most of them were off-white. I really liked the shorts I got from LOFT, and they were super comfortable, so I just decided to go with a two-toned look, which I know bugs people, but it didn't bother me.

To top things off, I had to wear one of my Gigi Pip hats, and I snagged a little flower bunch from Hobby Lobby and pinned it on. Not sure what I'll do with the top now, but it looked good for the day I needed it!

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