See Photos from Shan's Trip to a Local Sunflower Field!

I (Shan) had a fun "field trip" (yes, literally) with my brother and his family to Shimon Sunflower Farm! I'm not a big flower person, but I DO love sunflowers. These are pretty much the only flowers I ever have in the house, or Adam surprises me with because he knows me so well!

This is the first year I actually remembered to go to a sunflower field before it was the end of the season. I've gone to several in the past, but it's always been the last few days where the flowers don't seem to be in their prime.

We decided to check out Shimon Sunflower Farm based off of a recommendation from my dad because he saw it driving near our house one day. They have 10 different types of sunflowers (who knew there were that many options!), and have a few "photo spots" placed throughout their field. I thought the price was very reasonable ($20 per car load which includes a dozen U-Pick sunflowers).

As we pulled up to the farm, my niece got out of the car and saw my backpack. She's five years-old and smart enough to see that and say, "I thought you were going to bring your camera and take pictures." Obviously, she was right. My two nieces are my favorite models.

It was a little toasty outside, and there were a few bees buzzing around the flowers, as to be expected. It took a hot minute for the two youngins' to get the hang of what we were doing, but once they realized that they had the entire field to kind of roam and run, they were excited to explore.

Check out some of the photos from our adventure below! And props to Adam for even snagging a few candids of me on my camera...a true, Instagram husband. haha My sister-in-law did a great job snagging one of us, too!

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