Pics from Shan's Weekend in Austin!

I (Shan) was in Austin this past weekend for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties...and it was a blast. You might even recognize the bride because she used to work as a part-time promotions girl with me back in the day!

I'll try to give you a run-down of everything that we did without going into TOO much detail because I'm sure you're more interested in just looking at photos, but if you have specific questions - feel free to DM me!

We just did a quick weekend trip, getting in late on Thursday night and coming home early Sunday morning. On Friday, we did a pedal tavern around the city which was a lot of fun! Our tour guide (Robert) was awesome and took all of the photos we could've ever wanted! We went to three different bars - it was very similar to the one in Milwaukee. Although, there was a bit more traffic in Austin!

That night, we went out on Rainey Street. This is more of the "casual" place to go out in Austin. I feel like it's geared more towards a younger crowd, but they have some bars with really cool setups!

On Saturday, we went to brunch (I'll come back in and add the restaurant name when I figure that out) and went on a riverboat cruise! The Texas sun was HOT, so we drank a ton of water and brought a decent amount of sunscreen along, but it was fun getting out on the water and hearing a little more about the city. After that, we went back to the Air BnB to get ready for the night! We started off at Edge Rooftop which had KILLER views of the city. I think I did an iphone photo shoot for every girl in our group. Yes, we were those people. It was nice that the bar is part of a hotel because we were able to find a few TVs to watch the Bucks finish up game seven in OT! From there, we went out to Sixth Street.

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