Photos from Shan's Trip to Mexico!

I feel like it's been forever since I've been in the studio - probably because it has been! I was off last week for a quick (well, to me it went quick) trip to Mexico with Adam and my best friend with her husband. It was a great vacation, and I did quite a bit, so I'll try to cover as much as I can...

Adam and I had decided to go to Mexico in summer because we don't typically have a chance to take a vacation together for more than an extended weekend, and trips were cheap. We figured - if we were ever going to do it, now would be the time, especially since we're both vaccinated and didn't really worry about coming home with a positive COVID result (yes, you do still have to get tested and most resorts take care of that for you).

After my best friend and her husband heard we were talking about it, they jumped on and kind of "solidified" things for us. We came up with a few resorts and ranked them to decide where to go. We ended up at NOW JADE because it was nice but still affordable enough that we could "upgrade" to be on the preferred side of things with an ocean front view and "top tier" alcohol (not that that really matters to was mainly to be away from kids or "spring break" type of crowds).

I will say, the resort was better than I expected. The food was tasty, the staff was fantastic, and the room that we were in was really nice. There were a few things that were adjusted due to COVID, such as the night life not being as "vibrant" as usual, and the beach wasn't the greatest, but we spent most of our time at the preferred pool which had an infinity ledge looking at the ocean. In fact, the only day we swam at the beach was the first day we got in. I remember this because Jessi and I wore our "prank" swimsuits that we had made of our husbands faces. Stupid? Maybe. Worth it? Yes.

When it comes to activities - we did more than I typically do on a vacation. Adam has never been on an all-inclusive vacation or anywhere outside of the USA aside from Canada, so I was excited to do whatever. We all brought our golf clubs, and I'll admit, it was against my will because I didn't want to pay for extra baggage, but it seemed to be worth it for him.

On Monday, the four of us golfed El Tinton. It was a beautiful course with great greens. I didn't do the best, but I'm also not the best at anything in the heat (ha!). Matt and Adam golfed El Camaleón Mayakoba Golf Course on Friday - which they said was incredible. However, the course was just aerated two weeks prior, so it was a little rough to play on.

Adam and I stayed at the resort for most of the day on Tuesday because Matt and Jessi had an excursion; however, our resort was about a seven minute drive from Puerto Morelos, so we grabbed a taxi/shuttle and spent our morning shopping and eating some coconut shrimp on the ocean! I got a bracelet for my mom and a few dresses for my nieces. It was nice to get to the village that's more culture than the resort; however, it's still quite tourist-y.

The four of us went on a catamaran ride on Wednesday. I love doing catamaran rides because it's a great way to get on the water wherever you are, and they differ so much depending on who you book through! This particular catamaran took us to Isla Mujeres after snorkeling. The island is pretty neat because it's only about five miles long, and on the north end, it's very populated with shops, tours and one of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever see. On the south end, you have more people who actually live on the island. We rented golf carts to check out the south end because there were a few statues there, but we were moreso mesmerized by the cliff overlooking the ocean. We stopped to have a drink (probably one of the best pina coladas I've ever had) and enjoy the view. On our way back, I stopped to get my mango with Tajin and Chamoy (one of my favorite snacks that I hardly ever have).

We had to get our COVID test on Thursday, so most of that day was just sitting at the resort by the pool aside from the boys going to the spa at some point.

Friday (our last day - sad face). Jessi and I tried to figure out what to do for half of a day while the boys went golfing one more time. We decided to book one last excursion and landed on the cenotes which was super cool! You're basically swimming through these natural pits made of limestones (think like a cave). Because the cenotes have holes in them, they collect rain water, so you swim through them. It was such a fun experience. From there, we went to a lagoon where the fresh and saltwater met and went snorkeling. We saw rainbow fish, Dory fish and quite a few others. I was glad we were able to get one last trip in.

Overall, it was a fun vacation, and we're already planning our next one.

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