Shan's Weekend in Photos - 5/14

I don't know why these photos aren't going in the order that I wanted them to, but nonetheless! It was a very busy weekend the past few days, but it was all fun!

When I wasn't working, I was painting a 6'X9' canvas for my friend's bridal shower. I was trying to figure out a backdrop that was a little different than just having some metallic pieces from Target hanging. So, I spread out the canvas, picked out four or five different colors of acrylic paint and went to town. I took painters tape and started making random shapes across the canvas. Then, I painted the different geometric shapes! It took me about four bottles of paint per color to complete the entire thing (if you want to make life easier for yourself, buy five of each. You'll have some leftover, but you won't be digging your paint brush into the container looking for every last drop like a cave man). Because I was sitting on the floor the entire time I was painting, I was pretty sore, but you can get the job done within three or four hours (with big enough brushes), and the paint dries really quickly. I spread it out over two days. Keep scrolling to see the canvas by itself! I thought it turned out pretty well!

Most of the pictures have that backdrop behind them because we got to start out the weekend by going to my friends (Jessica and Tony) bridal shower! You might even recognize her gorgeous face because she used to work at FM106.1 as one of our Promotions Assistants. It was a couple's shower, so Adam came with and was such a trooper. He helped us set up and figured out how to hang the backdrop in a place where it wouldn't get wet. It was such a fun start to the weekend with fantastic food and good company. Plus - a photoshoot. Because why not?!

On Sunday, Adam and I drove to Chicago to play golf with his parents. We were celebrating his dad's birthday, and there's nothing that his dad loves more than golf and grilling! Adam's going to kill me for posting this picture, but he was wondering what he looked like in a backwards hat because he always wears them front-facing. Unfortunately, his head's too big/round to pull it off lol I did NOT do well golfing, but we did take time to make a Tik Tok from Family Guy! You can see that below.

After golf, we went back to Adam's parents for his dad to cook up some burgers and veggie kabobs. I had my first corn on the cob for the summer (insert drooling face here), as well as a Pina Colada cupcake that my mother-in-law made. We even got to see two of our friends that live in Chicago for a bit and catch up.

Overall, it was a great, "almost normal" weekend.

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