Shan's Weekend in Pics: 4/30

It was a very busy weekend in the Shan household as things start to "normalize" with everyone getting vaccinated and whatnot. Adam was out of town for a bachelor party all weekend, and I was excited to spend some time in the apartment by myself, but that didn't really happen - but it's ok, because it was such a fun weekend anyways!

It kicked off with going out to fish with my parents on Friday night. We went to The Landmark in Germantown which is one of our favorites! We always start off with cheese curds and usually end with one of their fabulous homemade desserts, but we may have indulged in the fish fry a little too much because by the time we were done, we were STUFFED. Adam texted me at some point during dinner and asked what I was up to, so naturally, I sent him this picture hahah. Then, we went back to my parents house for my mom to help me continue addressing envelopes for our little wedding reception (here comes the planning all over again...and quite honestly, I'm dreading it. It'll be fun to get together with friends and family, but I wasn't one to dream of an over-the-top wedding, and now, planning two parties just seems like a lot haha).

On Saturday, I had a get-together with a few girls from high school. My friend, Liz, was in-town from Michigan for the day, so she invited us to an outdoor brunch. It was so fun catching up with everyone because we hadn't seen each other in so long due to the pandemic.

Every weekend, I meet up with one of my best friends from grade school, and we pick a new place to go for a run. This week, we went to South Shore Terrace to catch some lake views since the weather was so nice. I mean, can you get over a view like this?! Our city is gorgeous! Right after our run, I dashed to the Third Ward to meet up with Quinn and her stellar Grandma who was in town from Buffalo! We ate at Sweet Diner and chatted a lot about traveling. Quinn always raves about how cool her grandma is, and I definitely saw that on Sunday! She had so many stories to share from living in California to traveling to Thailand and so-on and so-forth. Not to mention, the food was delicious. We all shared the Creme Brulee French Toast per Quinn's recommendation, and she also mentioned how great the Soy Chorizo tacos were - and those were delicious, too!

To top things off, I got a chance to visit one of my favorite spots in Milwaukee: Glorioso's! If you're not familiar with that, it's an Italian grocery store off of Brady Street. Adam was on his way home from the bachelor trip, so I decided to stop by and pick up pasta along with some stuffed olives (his favorite). I may have ended up buying a few more things while I was there...but it was well-worth it!

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