Woman breaks up with husband over this picture on social media

A woman who goes by @tylarpaige on TikTok posted a video talking about how she saw a picture of her husband on social media at a night club with a bunch of girls .... and he didn't have his wedding ring on.

His excuse? "They (night club) photoshopped the ring out."

BROOOOOOO - YOU ARE KIDDING ME RIGHT NOWWWWW. Do you think you married an idiot?!?!

His wife saw through it - and divorced him.

She came back to post ANOTHER video after he said he must have forgotten to put his ring back on after washing his hands.

My ex-husband and I broke up almost two years ago, and I STILL spin where an invisible ring is on my left ring finger (and we were only married for 3 years). You're meaning to tell me you washed you hand and "forgot" to put it back on .... and you didn't feel naked without it on?!?


Thumbnail photo: Getty images

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