Our Weekend in Photos - 4/16/21

Weekend was pretty chill for all three of us! Ridder mentioned that it was probably the best one he's had in a very long time!! We figured we'd show you what we all did through the use of "pictures." We'll get something in there for Scott if we can, as well. He got his COVID shot on Saturday, so he spent a lot of the day just hanging out.


Shan had quite the busy weekend with the busiest of the days starting Friday afternoon! She met up with her friend, Bekah, who she doesn't get to see too often, and they hung out in Walker's Point. They ended up at Fixture (obvi) and had a few beverages and mozzarella sticks before Shan had to jet out to Greenfield to meet up with Ridder, Scott, Quinn and their former boss! From there, she went to Richfield to see her Aunt and Uncle who were in town for the night and dominate in a game of Triomonos!


Ridder, on the other hand, took his son, Jackson, for a "coffee walk" to get his son's favorite "Coco cookie.' AKA - a Colectivo Monster cookie! Later that night, they cooked up a bunch of sausages from Bunzels and watched the Brewers game. (Don't sleep on the jalapeno cheddar brats!).

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