Air Fryer Mozzarella Stick Recipe Shan Used

"I don't want an air fryer." - Me to my husband while we were registering for wedding gifts. I'm not a huge fan of extra appliances in our kitchen that just take up space. I can do all of that in an oven.

HOWEVER - I will admit (just as long as you don't tell Adam) that I was wrong on this one. The air fryer just makes things so easy, and the clean up is super quick.

Our Easter Sunday plans had changed, and Adam and I were home alone that night - which was good because I was ZONKED after chasing a two and a five year old around all day. We had the big lunch, so I wasn't super hungry, but I really wanted wonton mozzarella sticks. We just so happened to have a bulk bag of string cheese in our drawer that was going to expire at the end of April.

So, I went to the store to pick up wonton wrappers. After thirty minutes of searching, we established that if you go to Pick 'N Save - they are in the packaged produce section by the pre-made salads and cut up fruit. (I almost lost hope when I couldn't find them, and it seemed like none of the employees could find them either).

I posted a picture of our mound of mozzarella sticks on social - and a few people asked for the recipe. I feel silly typing this because it is the EASIEST thing you'll make. However, I'm going to change up the recipe a little to make them more flavorful:

What you need:
Wonton Wrappers
String Cheese Sticks
Olive Oil
+ Parmesan Cheese and Italian Seasoning

Preheat your air fryer to 350.

Wrap your mozzarella cheese sticks in the wonton wrappers. I would start at a corner, wrap them diagonally. When there were about two rolls left, I'd tuck the excess from the sides in / fold them over, and finish rolling.

I found it easier to wrap all of the sticks first and place them in a "pie pan." After that's done, spread a little Olive Oil on them to help the wonton wrappers stay closed, as well as to help fry 'em up nicely. Don't dunk them, but be fairly generous. Sprinkle salt of them.

Here's where I'm adding my steps: in a bowl, mix grated or shredded parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning to taste. Roll your mozzarella sticks (with the wrappers on) in this coating. You don't need to cover it, but do it just enough so there are pieces sticking to add flavor.

Plop your sticks in the air fryer (I did six at a time) and make sure they're not touching because the cheese will ooze. Cook at 350 for six minutes - but make sure to use tongs to flip the mozzarella sticks halfway through. You may need to add an extra minute or so to the frying.

This is SO easy and clean up was a breeze! Heat up your marinara, and you're good to go!

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