"Workcations" Are Becoming Popular

I think it's safe to say that we're in a different place. A lot of us have kind of "re-prioritized" our lives over the course of this pandemic, and quite a few people have enjoyed working from home. Remote work is a HUGE incentive. Or, at least the option to do so.

However, this is making it harder to separate work from your personal life. According to Axios, "workcations" are becoming more and more popular.

What is a workcation? Well, it's like what it sounds. You can work from anywhere - even when you go on vacation. So, you going on vacation but being able to work from there is a "workcation." Unfortunately, this is drawing employees closer and closer to burnout.

The National Bureau of Economic Research pointed out that Americans work 50% more than those in Germany, France and Italy - but there's no sign that we're more productive. How crazy is that?! We could shift to a five-hour work day if we just focused more. The article stresses the importance that it's not just on the employees to prioritize vacations, but companies are responsible and managers should encourage their workers to step away.

So, we have to ask: do you work while on vacation?

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