What your dreams are trying to tell you with Layne Dalfen

Do you ever wake up and think: "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT DREAM ALL ABOUT?!"

Personally, I keep having these dreams where wild animals are just walking around in places they shouldn't be. Does this mean I should leave radio to work at a zoo? Well, not quite!

Layne Dalfen is my guest this week for Women Crushing It Wednesday on iHeartRadio, and she talked about how your dreams are trying to tell you something. She has a 6 step method on it, and dang .... it is SO fascinating!!!

Layne has been analyzing dreams for over 40 years now, and she has two books out that I am totally buying off of Amazon: Have A Great Dream 1: The Overview and Have A Great Dream 2: A Deeper Discussion.

Listen below to see how Layne got her start, how she conducts sessions, and how you can't just Google what your dream means (it's way more than that, and it depends on the person and their situation).

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