Apparently, Savers Marry Spenders, and Spenders Marry Savers...

Apparently, opposites really do attract! Even when it comes to money. Dr. Rebecca Resnik (a licensed psychologist referenced in this article from Real Simple) mentioned that when it comes to marriage, most people marry their "complement."

For example, Shan is very TIGHT with money because she has a goal of paying off student loans as soon as she can and has to make sure she budgets for medical bills as a Type 1 diabetic. Adam, on the other hand, likes to "live in the moment," and has no problem purchasing a few things for himself or experiences. Since being together, Shan's definitely lightened up on finances, and Adam has buckled down.

Another psychological cited in that same article, Stephanie Wijkstrom, says that you're always looking for your complement...even when you're not thinking about it!

So, when it comes to your relationship -who's the spender and who's the saver?

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