Always Tired After Daylight Savings Time? Try These Tricks!

We're always excited to have it be lighter later, but we're never excited to to lose an hour of sleep. Well, it all begins again this weekend! Daylight Savings time is the morning of March 14th at 2AM. Remember - we SPRING FORWARD, so at 2AM, you turn your clock to 3AM.

How the heck do you adjust to losing an hour of precious sleep?! According to Real Simple and the research they referred to from Better Sleep council, Americans need at least one day to recover after pushing the clocks ahead. But...what if you don't have that time?!

They gave us some ideas on how we can "recover" or prevent being super tired the day after daylight savings time.

  • Regular exercise promotes sleep; however, you need time to cool down and relax before bed. So, get your steps in on the 13th, but do it no later than two hours before bedtime.
  • Caffeine can take up to 12 hours to leave the body, so make sure you're not downing that caffeine this weekend.
  • Make sure your rest/sleep is constant. In other words, don't eat a large meal or drink a ton before bed.
  • If you can, take a quick nap the day after DTS, do so! But make sure it's just a quick one. 10-30 minutes at best.
  • Don't use your phone right before bed. In fact, shut it down at least an hour before!
  • When your alarm goes off - get up. If you keep hitting snooze, you're actually going to be more tired when you finally wake up because the sleep you're getting isn't quality.

Good luck adjusting! At least we're getting that warmer weather!

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