Stop Using These Words to Describe Women

It's International Women's Day, and the theme is #ChooseToChallenge. We thought it would be good to find something small to work on that might have a larger impact. We talked this morning about adjectives often used to describe women; however, these adjectives usually have negative connotations, so we're trying to "replace them" with other words.

We found a blog from In Her Sight that described a few of them:

  • Bossy (it makes females seem inconsiderate when they're trying to achieve a goal)
    • Use opinionated instead
  • Nag (A woman who is constantly reminding is detail-oriented. It's a quality trait)
    • Use persistent instead
  • Catty (The word describes females who bicker often or who are mood. Men are hardly ever described as this)
    • Use snide instead
  • Ditzy (This is a term that often refers to forgetful women)
    • Use disorganized instead
  • Sassy (If you have a wittiness about you, it shouldn't be seen as a poor trait)
    • Use bold instead
  • Bubbly (Even though this could be a positive term - it's usually only women described this way. It usually portrays outgoing females as full of giggles)
    • Use lively instead
  • High-maintenance (Because a woman knows what she wants, she shouldn't be considered high-maintenance)
    • Use perfectionist or detail-oriented instead
  • Emotional (This term has a negative connotation associated with it when portraying feelings. Usually, it's seen as a downfall)
    • Use passionate instead

Click here for a full list of words to stop using when describing a female. A little change in your daily conversation can go a long way!

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