Can You Figure Out These Messed Up Song Lyrics?

Shan brought in a new game today that involved the songs we play on FM106.1! She rewrote the lyrics, and Scott & Ridder had to "buzz-in" with their name to answer with the name of the song and the artist. Let's see how good you are...answers at the bottom of the blog!

Pretty, Insane

The girl can’t help but astonish me.

The way that she cuts a rug

She’s not afraid to take risks

She openly shows her feelings

Yeah, she’s insane

But her insanity is gorgeous to me. (END)

I wish you two see flames by the end of your trip

I wish you know she’s got your heart by the end of the evening

I wish you never felt more untied

And tell your buddies that you’re stoked

I wish she destroys all of your intentions

I wish you go broke trying to propose

I wish she’s something you could’ve never dreamt of

And then I wish she’s unfaithful to you

Like you were to me (END)

I might want to fall asleep

I might want to power down my device

I might want to stop

I might want to let you be

Because I know I’ll reach out again in the morning

To apologize for what I said

So, I might want to just go to sleep (END)

When the foundation is strong, nothing else has significance

The walls might fade and the windows might crack

But let it come down because we’ll be fine

When there’s nothing wrong with the base

I know that whatever storm comes won’t tear it down

We’ll stay here because the structure will stay up when the base is strong (END)

I don’t want to be the only one in the music group

I don’t want to be a tumbling rock by myself

Running down a beat up car

We can take a gig elsewhere

I’ll bring the base if you sing melody

We’ll get ink and mess up the air bnb

Just put your hand in mine

Because I don’t want to be the only one in the music group (END)

I’ve got some major proposals

We can build a small home on some secondhand land

Find a small getaway where we can get bronze

And maybe we can take our children there some day

And I bet she wouldn’t care

If I found a quick trip overnight

To a little slice of heaven if we leave tonight

And I’ll propose to her

She won’t guess that I’ve got some major proposals

She has no idea

She has no idea that I’ve got some major proposals

She has no idea, not one. (END)

Answers in order.

  • Luke Combs - Beautiful Crazy
  • Gabby Barrett - I Hope
  • Dan + Shay - I Should Probably Go to Bed
  • Maren Morris - The Bones
  • Old Dominion - One Man Band
  • Chris Lane - Big, Big Plans

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