Do You Know What to Do If Attacked?!

"They're more afraid of you than you are of them." Seems comforting, but that still won't save me from an attack. I'm saying this all because we had a coyoted behind our studio yesterday that was having a nice little stare-down with anyone outside.

I (shan) made a ton of noise as I walked outside to call a dog that was running around because I was nervous that it would get too close to the coyote. I will admit, the dog was a husky and was probably larger than that coyote, but you never know!

Anyways, I've been in a few situations with a bear, mountain lion, coyote, etc... and I never remember what to do. Even when I was hiking in AZ, my friend and I were talking about what we should do if we see a mountain lion, and we were questioning if we were right or getting it confused with a different animal "survival" tactic. So, this is probably is more for my benefit, but here are some quick tips on what to do when you encounter certain wildlife as told by OutdoorLife.

  • Black Bear - Obviously, try not to get between a mother and her cubs. DO NOT RUN. Keep your movements slow and don't approach the animal. Pick up your kids so the bear doesn't think it's prey. Bang pots and pans and make yourself appear as large as you can.
  • Grizzly Bear - Same thing as the black bear: remain calm and back away slowly. Speak in a calm voice. Do not run or turn your back. Avoid direct eye contact. If he starts to attack (or lowers its head and pins its ears back), lie face down on the ground and cover your head. Play dead. If he still continues to attack,, go for the eyes and nose as best as you can.
  • Cougar - Stop and try to make yourself as big as possible. Never take your eyes off of him or turn your back. If he looks aggressive, shout. Wave your hands. Throw rocks. If he attacks you, stay on your feet as best as possible.
  • Wolf or Coyote - Don't can't outrun them. Yell to try to make them back off. Don't lose your footing. If you're surrounded and are in a yourselves back to back, facing the wolves. Use anything you can to fend off the attack.

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