New Trend: How Did Shan's Friends Respond When She Sent a Random Selfie?

When I had "the Tik Tok," there was a girl that I followed who basically made a career for herself through the platform. Now, she's a makeup artist (@mikaylajmakeup - she's awesome and has a great Boston accent. Not to mention, she's super thankful for her success). This isn't super relevant to this blog post other than the fact that I followed her on Instagram, and she posted this new challenge: Send a cute picture to your husband/boyfriend (I'm sure it'd be the same for wife/girlfriend) and see how he responds.

So, I did it. However, I was sitting right next to my husband, so he was a little weirded out. "Why are you sending me this?" I didn't respond to him and just went about my business. Eventually, he sent something back haha.

I have this theory that your friends (at least for the ladies) are probably going to give you better responses. So, I texted a few of my friends the same thing. It's important to note that I haven't talked to some of these people in a few weeks or months. I feel like my theory was right.

The first is Adam's response. The last response is when I was busted by Kelsey (who also works at the she knew something was up! lol)

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