After Closing Early Will Wisconsin Ever Hunt Wolves Again?

Wisconsin hunters took to the woods this week in the state's first wolf hunt in 7 years. After 2 days it was shutdown.

After wolves were removed from the Endangered Species List in January, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced they would be hosting their first wolf season since 2014 in the fall of 2021. However, a lawsuit by an out of state group “Hunter Nation” forced the state to hold that season before the end of February.


Biologists estimated there to be approximately 1,000 wolves in the state prior to this hunt, according to the Associated Press, but the DNR’s population goal is much lower at 350 individuals.

The Wisconsin DNR quickly put together a weeklong hunt with a target of harvesting less than 200 wolves. After just two days the controversial hunt was shutdown.What made it so controversial? Why are we killing wolves? What does the future look like for potential wolf hunts in Wisconsin? We tackled all these issues around the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt in a special edition of Tailgate Talk.

Listen below:

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