Try These Scents to Boost Your Mood

Looking to boost your mood? Maybe you should try smelling some stuff. Yeah, we know. That sounds weird, but it's true. Beverley Hawkins, owner of the Vancouver-based West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, has done a few studies on how smells trigger memories, increase happiness and maybe even activate your immune system!

Well, it does the same thing for your productivity and focus. Here are a few of the things you should put in your air fresheners, oil or candle basket if you want to boost your mood:

  • Lemon - helps concentration and calms you
  • Lavender - calms you and helps control emotional stress
  • Jasmine - calms nerves and is used as an anti-depressant
  • Rosemary - fights exhaustion - both physical and mental. Helps with headaches (good to note!)
  • Cinnamon - Helps fight mental fatigue and boosts concentration
  • Peppermint - helps with energy levels and promotes concentration, as well as clear thinking

Click here for more info on how these scents affect you!

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