A Few Pictures from Our Trip to Mexico!

Scott and Shan got a chance to head down to Mexico for their annual Boots on the Beach trip at the beginning of February. While this year was definitely different due to the pandemic and Ridder staying behind. However, the Valentin Imperial and the staff there made it an incredible experience! All of their staff was friendly and wearing masks with an additional face shield on top. We can tell you from a broadcast standpoint, we've never had such service. Their staff was crucial to making sure our show was on the air every single day. Their engineers were always there when Scott and Shan got there in the morning, as well as the managers. From a business standpoint, the staff at Valentin were AMAZING to work with.

From a traveler's standpoint, it was fantastic, as well! The resort was at about 22% capacity when we were there. It was small enough that we could keep in touch with everyone in our group but large enough to not feel "trapped." The bartenders, servers, office workers were all so fun and made sure you had everything you needed and more. No reservations were required for dining at any of the fabulous restaurants with options, such as French, Asian (if you want hibachi, a reservation is required), Mexican, Italian and more. The food was probably some of the best that we've ever had on these trips, and not to mention - there was a churro stand every single night in the plaza / courtyard area! Shannen may have had seconds more than once.

Overall, everything was clean, enjoyable and gorgeous. The vegetation around the resort was something like we hadn't seen. Plus - it was easy to get to! The flight was only about three hours, and the resort, along with our team at Travel Leaders and Funjet, helped handle everything. We didn't have to worry about paperwork, figuring out COVID tests or anything else. We showed up; they took our hands and guided us through everything.

As you can tell, Scott's drinking in most of the pictures, so NO FUN AT ALL was had (wink, wink). We were also thrilled to have Nora Collins and the resort's Imperial Band join us for a few last-minute performances!

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