Women Crushing It Wednesday: Phil Vassar & Celesta owner Melanie!

Ok .... now you're probably thinking, "I love me some Phil Vassar, but why is he on a podcast called WOMEN Crushing It Wednesday?" Well, we'll get to that .... but can we just talk about for a sec what a gem of a human he is? So kind!!!

First up, I don't know if I've told you this but I'm going to be a stereotypical "vegan" and tell you about how I'm basically a Vegan ... because if I don't tell you, am I really a "Vegan"? I use quotes because I still eat fish, but no other meat, dairy, eggs, etc. It's more of a dietary thing but THAT is for another convo.

The reason I tell you that is so I can fan girl over one of my favorite restaurants ever, and that's Celesta on the East Side! It's right on N Farwell, and their food is amazing. Oh, you don't like vegetarian/vegan food? I guarantee you .... Melanie's food at Celesta will change your mind. We talked about how she got started with the restaurant, their top 3 items (my top 2 FOR SURE are the Bang Bang Broccoli and the Buffalo "Chicken" Sandwich), and what she sees as the next big thing for food.

Ok, now I can answer your question about Mr. Vassar. Phil has a show called "Songs from the Cellar" on The Circle Network, and the third season premiers on March 4th! He's got a new segment on the show that we talked about called "Rising Women Of Country" where he talks to female country artists, like this lady that has one of the most fun personalities ever, Stephanie Quayle!

Listen below, or search for Women Crushing It Wednesday on our free iHeartRadio app!

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