The Wisconsin State Fair introduced a NEW Cream Puff for Valentine's Day!

Ok so quick story ... I found out the hard way upon moving to Wisconsin that I can't have dairy. My body hates it. I myself adore it, but #ThisIsEarly30s .

HOWEVER - I will make exceptions (especially when it comes to cheese curds at Lakefront Brewery) .... like for this beautiful, new creation.

The Wisconsin State Fair announced that they will be selling STRAWBERRY Cream Puffs for Valentine's Day.

I know, my mouth is watering right now too just thinking about it.

They're selling them in 3 and 5 packs with curbside pick up Thursday, February 11th through Sunday, February 14th. There's also special presale pricing if you order before February 7th.

If you're not a Strawberry fan like me, they've got ya covered with another fun flavor ... they're also offering Cocoa Cream Puffs!

Click here to order, and we're less than 190 days til Brothers Osborne play there!!!

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