See All of the Dogs Shan Wants to Adopt

Let me preface this so I don't get in trouble with my husband... We're not adopting a dog anytime soon. Adam and I have had a few discussions that we're going to wait until we get a house, so it will probably be a year or two before we actually adopt a dog, and when we do, it will have to be a hypoallergenic do because Adam won't be able to breath or will be scratching constantly. Although, I grew up with Siberian Huskies, and it would be my dream to get one again. There was one at a local rescue named Mush, and she was the most BEAUTIFUL creature!! My current dog (lives with my folks) is supposedly a German Shepherd mix, but that's definitely not the case! haha We think he might have some Doberman in him. Maybe a little lab. I don't know - we don't care to get a test done because we love him regardless of the breed.

ANYWAYS - I tag Adam in pretty much every post that I see on Facebook with a dog that I'd want to adopt from local shelters. I didn't really think about the fact that every time I tag him, all of my other Facebook friends see, so when I was at dinner with a few friends last week, I mentioned something about wanting a dog, and they all turned to look at me and immediately said, "We know." Whoops!

So, since I've been spending my show hours looking at are a few fur-babies in the area that you should consider adopting because I can't right now!!! And let's be honest...there are way more than this. But it's a start:

Jodie from JRs Pups n Stuff
Jessi from Ma, Paws & Me

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