Pics: Shan Took a Wreath-Making Class with Her Mom and Sister!

I was looking back through photos in my phone (I've done this quite a bit lately!) and realized I never told you about this awesome experience I had with Flowers for Dreams. This is a company based in Chicago with a Milwaukee location that's a florist but also offers subscription boxes, as well as classes on how to make your own arrangements or wreaths.

Whenever I buy my parents a gift, I always try to get them something that we can do together because they're kind of at that stage in life where they just don't want or need anything. Well, finding "events" in 2020 was hard to do. That's why I ended up celebrating Mother's Day with my mom in December, rather than May.

I bought her a "wreath-making" class that her, my sister and I all did together. They have in-person events, but due to the pandemic, we opted for a virtual class where we could mess up and not be too embarrassed!

It was a lot of fun!! The whole class took about an hour, and they shipped the supplies directly to use a day or two before the class. At the end of the class, we each had wreaths to take home and hang on our doors!

They have a few Valentine's Day workshops that you can find here. It was just something fun to do that was out-of-the-norm for us. And the fact that we didn't have to go out and get a bunch of supplies was nice, too!! They took care of absolutely everything. The best part is that a portion of their proceeds goes to a local charity chosen each month!

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