Women Crushing It Wednesday: Carla Marie & Ashley Petty

Oh wowwwwww I can't believe it's been this long since I've put up a new episode of Women Crushing It Wednesday! I forgot how much I love doing this podcast until this past week. The two ladies I have on for my first episode of 2021 are so passionate and are breaking down barriers.

Starting things off is Ashley Petty, a humongous Buffalo Bills fan who has created quite the following on Twitter. We talked about this weekend's game against the Chiefs, what it's like being an outspoken female sports fan on social media, and her "Why So Serious" podcast (with former Bills players Stevie Johnson and Donald Jones - sponsored by an awesome t-shirt company in Buffalo that gives back to local causes, 26shirts).

Then, we have a return guest to the podcast! You probably know Carla Marie from her days on the Elvis Duran Show. She then got her own. freaking. morning. show. with her partner in crime, Anthony, in Seattle. Since leaving radio last year, Carla Marie & Anthony have found great success pivoting their show onto Twitch. In a time where they could have given up, they found another way to do what they love ... and it's fantastic to see them continue to grow. I wanted to have Carla Marie on for the first episode of 2021 because she taught me a very important lesson after what she went through last year with her career... and that's basically to remember to make time for yourself. Listen, I love my job. But I can no longer live for just that... and I hope the same for you. It's awesome to have something you're passionate about, but don't lose yourself and everything else you love.

Thumbnail photos: Courtesy of Carla Marie (Andrea Michelle Photography in Seattle, WA) and Ashley Petty

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