Uses for Hand Sanitizer OTHER than Cleaning Hands

Chances are you have a major stockpile of hand sanitizer. Who woulda thunk a pandemic would make you a hand sanitizer hoarder and mask extraordinaire.


Hand sanitizer is far more useful than just spreading a little on your hands. A fun little tidbit from Readers Digest tells us what you could use those extra bottles of sanitizer for:

  • Polish silver
  • Clean your eyeglasses
  • Use it as deodorant if you forget!
  • Acne relief
  • Dry shampoo (don't put a ton in...just a little dab on the finger tips and spread it around)
  • Clean your flat iron
  • Clean hairspray from your mirror
  • Clean your makeup brushes!
  • Remove permanent marker from a whiteboard
  • Get permanent marker off clothing
  • Pre-treat stains
  • Remove labels
  • Helps remove bandaids
  • Clean your keyboard, mouse or phone screen
  • Wipe down a public toilet seat
  • Remove nail polish
  • Clean your diamond ring
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