Who and How Much Should You Tip

Is there such a thing as tipping etiquette? We all have different opinions on the topic! If you won't admit it, I will...I get super self-conscious when I'm at a place like Panera or wherever that flips around those iPads and says, "Would you like to tip?" HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW...and what's good enough?! Well, from hairdressers to servers to coat check - there are different rules that Real Simple provided that seem pretty easy to manage!

Times and places when you should tip

  • At a restaurant (the most common of the bunch). Usually people tip around 18% for average service and 20% for good service. If you're dining in a group...Venmo is a thing. Not all restaurants split checks, and it's a headache to do so.
  • At the bar. Typically leaving $1 for a beer or $2 for a cocktail is sufficient.
  • Taxi or Rideshare. General rule of thumb is 15-20%. Something for rideshares is apparently at least $2 per ride (as told by a former driver)
  • Hotel. Leave about $2 or $3 for housekeeping.
  • Hair and Nail Salon. The article lists a 15% tip is what most people use, but I've (Shan) always heard that 25% is moreso the way to go.
  • Babysitter. While it's not necessary, it is a nice gesture to just round up for babysitters. Say you pay them $25, round up to $30. So, probably five bucks or so.
  • Coat check. This is where I start to get a little out of sorts... $1 per coat and $2 for a larger bag. I guess, always keep cash on you!
  • Food delivery. It's nice to add 15-20% to your bill.
  • Coffee Shops. You don't need to necessarily, but once again...it's a nice gesture. Rounding up to the nearest dollar is fine, unless you're getting some extravagant concoction, then make it 20%

There are people you should NEVER tip. Click here to find out who that is!

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