Talking Buffalo Bills on 97.3 The Game (VIDEO)

This morning, I go to pop in on the Steve Czaban Show on 97.3 The Game to fan girl over my hometown team, the Buffalo Bills.

I don't know if you know this but #humblebrag ... THEY'RE THE AFC EAST CHAMPIONS AND THEY'RE GOING TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Yes, they are going against the Chiefs and that scares the ish out of me, but you just gotta Billieve ya know?

If you're a part of Bills Mafia or you're just fascinated by the team this year in general, check out our chat below recapping their game against the Baltimore Ravens, going up against the Chiefs, and the tattoo we talked about is at the bottom of this blog.

ALSO - I started a TikTok account, and this was my first video.


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