Coronavirus-Inspired Baby Names

Well, it happened. We were all joking about the fact that there will be SO many kids born in December because quarantine started in March. Obviously for some people, that actually happened - but we never thought that people would actually NAME their kids after the pandemic. But, here we are: typing a blog about Coronavirus and the baby names it's inspired. came out with the list, and you'll probably be able to guess some of these...

Luke (honors healthcare workers due to the fact that Luke is the "patron saint of doctors")

Agatha (means "good woman" as a patron saint of nurses)

Hale (means healthy and strong)

Kenzo (once again, means healthy and strong)

Salvia (the Latin word for SAGE, meaning whole and healthy)

Anthony (could be because of Dr. Fauci)

Brigid (Irish goddess bringing healing)

Apollo (Greek - associated with medicine and healing)

Jason (means "to heal")

Alisha (Spanish; means "Protected by God")

Ethan (means strength)


Cute little four month old baby boy, playing at home in bed in bedroom, soft back light behind him

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