I surprised my family after a year of not seeing each other (VIDEO)

The last time I went home to Buffalo, NY was for Thanksgiving 2019. My parents and my Gma (the cutest grandma you've ever seen in your whole life) all had plans to come visit me in the early spring of 2020, but COVID of course had other plans for all of us.

My Gma turned 90 on November 7th, and it broke my heart every time I would call her. She's one of my favorite humans on the planet, and I couldn't help but feel a little empty inside by not being there to celebrate. So, I devised a plan....

Both my mom and my Gma had told me they were going out to dinner as a family to celebrate her big milestone birthday. I called the restaurant, and asked if they could add one to the reservation, but to make a note that no one could know it was changed from 5 to 6 from my family (knowing my mom, I knew she would call to confirm ... and she did of course. Thankfully the restaurant kept my secret from her).

Before you get on my case, I took ALL of the proper precautions before going, including taking two COVID tests within 3 days of travelling (1 of which was a rapid test I took the night before I drove to Buffalo, and spoiler alert: both tests were negative).

I got to the restaurant and waited at the table for my family to arrive. My mom & I were definitely the most emotional, and my Gma was the most surprised. It was so great to see them, along with my wonderful dad, Uncle Bob, and my Uncle's girlfriend Bev.

(Thank you again to our very nice waiter who volunteered to take this video below!!!)

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