Don't Violoate These Wi-Fi Etiquette Rules

Is there anything worse than bad wi-fi? Why is it when you need it the most you can't seem to get the connection that you need?

With the world at our finger tips now-a-days in the form of our phones, we do need either good cell signal or wi-fi. This is often what leads to eople working in coffee shops to use wi-fi or trying to scam a good connection from a neighbor. But there are rules that should be followed when it comes to using wi-fi.

The Top Ten Wi-Fi etiquette rules are:

  1. Never connect to someone else’s Wi-Fi without asking first.
  2. Never change someone’s Wi-Fi password
  3. Never hijack a neighbor’s Wi-Fi
  4. Don’t give that person’s Wi-Fi code to anyone else
  5. Don’t use your phone at the dinner table
  6. Don’t sit in a coffee shop all day using Wi-Fi without buying a drink
  7. Don’t open any links that look dodgy when using someone else’s Wi-Fi
  8. Don’t sit on your gadget/ on the Internet when you are in someone else’s house
  9. Don’t send or download large files on someone else’s Internet
  10. Don’t go somewhere just to use their Internet

Is there any that you would add?

Source: SWNS Digital

Image Credit: @OnAirRidder

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