Shan's Weekend Trip to Mackinac Island!

It was a little extended weekend for me (Shan) because I took a trip to Mackinac Island with Adam and his parents! I'd been once before, but it's been so long (probably when I was in second or third grade) that it was nice to get reacquainted.

We drove up Thursday night and stayed in Mackinaw City. We did all outdoorsy things because...well, COVID... and not to mention, we wanted to soak up as much of the fall colors as we could!

On Friday, we went golfing and experienced all four seasons while we were on the course. You think I'm kidding? It was literally hailing when we started, and yes, we still decided to go. After about 14 holes, I had become frustrated enough to just sit in the cart (I've successfully finished 18 once in my life...I usually stick to nine). Despite it being the first dose of cold for me this year, it was a beautiful course and well-worth chugging a hot chocolate and Emergen-C afterwards!

Saturday was the day where we actually went to the island. We shopped around, grabbed some fudge, walked part of the perimeter, went to one of the Butterfly Houses and even took a carriage ride to learn more about the island! It was so odd to see everyone wearing masks - even outside - but to be honest, it was so nice to have them because of the cold!

We checked out a winery (Mackinaw Trail Winery Tasting Room) and brewery (Rusted Spoke Brewing Co.) which were both pretty good, too!

On Sunday, we ended up driving to Pictured Rocks for a quick pit stop on the way home. We (naturally) had to hit up a pasties place, too!

I realized very quickly that Adam and I make the same face in pretty much all of our pictures. Nonetheless, if you're interested in seeing us smiling in several different places - knock yourself out:

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