New Dating Trend: Beard Baiting

The virtual dating scene during 2020 has hit a new level because we're all catfishing each other. Guys blame girls for using makeup to "hype up" their looks - making them look completely different than if they weren't wearing makeup.

Well, what do guys have to catfish ladies? I still argue that baseball hats do wonders, but there IS a new dating term known as beard-baiting! You read that right. According to DMARGE, it's a thing. Guys show off facial hair on their dating apps to "up their chances" of scoring a date. It's like when they used to carry puppies in their pictures - although, I appreciate DMARGE's reference as "a push-up bra for men."

There have been several studies that say beards make men more attractive. So, I guess there's the reason for beard-baiting.


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