Carolyn Pomeranz talks blog and travels with her husband Drew Pomeranz

Girls like sports .... I know - WHAT A CRAZY CONCEPT, RIGHT?!

Jessica, who's on air at one of our iHeartRadio stations in Boston and at several other iHeartCountry stations, started this podcast on our iHeartRadio app called "The Sportsanista Podcast". Each episode, Jess would interview a major league sports' player's wife, and they would discuss the charity work they're doing. Jess was nice enough to ask me if I would co-host the Podcast with her now, and I happily accepted since she's such a rockstar in the business.

Our first episode together was with Carolyn Pomeranz who has been married to MLB player Drew Pomeranz for three years. She has an awesome blog where she talks about different places to visit in cities across the country (including here in Milwaukee while Drew had his brief stint with the Brewers). Carolyn also does a ton of charity work with the Special Olympics, and she does a ton with the Padres Foundation where Drew currently plays.

Check it out below and give it a follow so you're updated the next time we put up a podcast! Next up will be with Jalynne Crawford, aka the extremely busy and giving lady who holds down the (Brandon) Crawford household!

(also as a side note - if you didn't know ... my real first name is Shanna, which is what I go by on this podcast. Radio is weird, right?)

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