These 10 Minute Hacks Will Keep the House Clean...Hopefully

Do you ever spend your entire day cleaning, and the kids come crashing in, ruining everything. All of the sudden, there are dirty dishes everywhere, unfolded laundry all over the place and food particles all across the coffee tables?

I can feel my mother cringing right now...

Thanks to Well and Good, we found a few simple things that you can do to keep things clean every day. Maybe just keep the kids out of the house...that'd probably be easier. lol

  • What chores can be done simultaneously? MULTITASK! Do the laundry while you're vacuuming or maybe even clean your shower while you're taking one!
  • Clean as you go - we know. Easier said than done. It takes some sort of skill to clean the dishes while you're cooking. But maybe reorganize the fridge or clean the microwave?
  • Put things away before you go to bed rather than letting it all pile up.
  • Assign a day of the week to a room. Why have a "cleaning day" that will take up all of your time on the weekend when you can do it little by little? Bathrooms are for Tuesdays, bedrooms are for Thursdays, Kitchen is a Monday sort of task, and so-on and so-forth. Plus - then, if you miss one day - it's not the end of the world. You can have last minute plans come up!
Young woman at home sitting at the table.

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