Help Amber Fuller from Waukesha after being attacked

A little over a year ago, I visited One Source Wellness in Brookfield to get a cupping massage from Amber Fuller. She's an amazing massage therapist and kind human, and I also had her on my Women Crushing It Wednesday podcast shortly after to talk about her profession.

Last week, Amber was walking her dogs in her Waukesha neighborhood when a stranger came up to her, and lit her on fire. Amber now has second and third degree burns on her body (including on her hands, which is obviously a huge part of her job).

Her sister started a GoFundMe for Amber's medical bills and to cover her bills with not being able to work. The goal was $50,000, and right now they're at a little over $45,000. Her employer, One Source Wellness, is also accepting donations on her behalf.

Please consider to donate to Amber after this senseless attack, or if you can't donate, please share on your social media pages to help out this great person who is always taking care of others.

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