Take a Cold Shower. They're "Good" For You.

As much as I've tried because I KNOW. I know they're are health benefits to taking cold showers - I've never been able to successfully take a full, ice-cold shower. I used to rinse my hair in cold water, and then I decided it's not worth it, but according to this article from thehealthy.com...I might want to give it a second shot.

Anyways - cold showers are known to help improve itchy skin and be great for your hair. It can also make you feel more alert, improve gut health and help with soreness (cue ice baths) from working out. There's a proper way of cold showering, I guess.

To make it easier for yourself (and more enjoyable), don't turn the knob all the way from scalding hot to freezing cold. Start out with warm water and decrease the temperature little by little to let your body adjust. Maybe then, we'll all come out looking like Carrie Underwood. #wouldntitbenice

Smiling colored woman in the shower

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