Check Out These Virtual After School Activities!

While a lot of students are attending school virtually (at least for the first part of the year), parents are still working their normal jobs either at the office or at home. So, when your kids are done for the day, how do you entertain them while you still have work to do?? came up with a whole bunch of awesome after-school programs that students can do virtually!

Click here for the full list, but we've highlighted some of our favorites below:

  • Book Club for Kids - Get a free 20-minute podcast with discussions on books, readings from celebrities and interviews with the authors!
  • Connected Camps - This really is like a camp! Pricing ranges from $48-90 per month, but there are classes on various things, such as Esports, Minecraft and more!
  • DIY - Do you like music? Photography? Legos? There's something for everyone! Take classes revolving around your favorite hobby or skill.
  • Little Medical School - This might be a good idea for the times that we're in! You can encourage future healthcare professionals to eat healthy, learn first aid and what to do in an emergency. There are even specialized classes in things like sports medicine and veterinary! Programs frun from September and December starting at $145
  • Kitchen Classroom - Train your kiddos on how to cook some great snacks and meals from things that are already in your pantry (and don't need continuous supervision)!
Giggling girls.

Giggling girls.