Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Milwaukee during DNC week

First of all - it's so weird to watch these late night shows and not have an audience reaction in the background.

Second of all - I get it, Colbert. I had no idea how cool Milwaukee was (especially downtown) until I moved here. I pictured strictly farm land with beer and cheese. It's now somewhere I proudly call home (but let's keep it real, it will never ever replace Buffalo, NY, my hometown, in my heart. Ever) because of the amount of things you can do and see here. From the beautiful waterfront, to Summerfest (we'll always have 2018 and 2019, my love), to the Third Ward ... this city has so much to offer. I love it here, and will defend it to my east coast friends (the ones that haven't visited, because the ones who have really enjoyed it here) who poke fun and who still don't understand that Milwaukee and Minneapolis are not the same city.

That being said, I wasn't slightly offended by his poor attempt at making fun of Milwaukee (ok, the squirrel census is semi amusing, but that was the biggest laugh he got out of me with this skit). I think he could have done a much better job at it, and he should have asked someone like Charlie Berens to be a part of it (tell your folks I says hi, Stephen!).

(Thumbnail image: Getty images)

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