Security Issues: Delete These Apps

It was about a year ago when everyone was skeptical of Facetiming or using Facebook messenger because of security issues. Well, there are quite a few apps with hackers, spyware and breaches concerns... Surprisingly enough, TikTok is not listed...yet! Check out this list from Reader's Digest for the full details, but we'll tell you in short that if you have any of these apps - you might want to consider deleting them:

  • Google Assistant - the virtual helper knows TOO much about you!
  • WhatsApp - The app has had some issues with exposing texts, phone calls and more...
  • Facebook Messenger - I feel like this one's always been in the news, but supposedly, the app has access to all of your conversations and has the ability to store data
  • Pokemon Go - The app has access to your location...without permission, too!
  • Some VPNs - Some users will access and browse internet using your IP address
  • Unused apps - why keep apps that store your info...just sitting on your phone?

Once again, this article goes into more depth about the problems with these apps, but you get the gist!

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