Never Search for These Things Online!

We've all done it...*Types in symptoms to Google search bar to find out we're somehow dying.* If you're saying you haven't, I don't believe you. This was just one of the items on the "Things to Never Google Search" list from Reader's Digest. The article says that by doing this, you're just frustrating and stressing yourself out more than you need to. GO TO THE DOCTOR. Same thing when it comes to that weird rash you've been looking up, too.

Other things you should never google:

  • Things you don't want to want to see in an advertisement later! AKA - are you on your work computer? Probably shouldn't be looking up underwear or anything like that...
  • Anything that's going to embarrass or incriminate you. Just remember - everything that's online...stays online.
  • Worms. I don't know why you'd want to google this, but maybe you're an avid gardener trying to figure out the species of the latest bug in your flower bed. Chances are - you'll get nothing but disturbing images.
  • NEVER google things like, "Dogs Cancer," or something like that to diagnose your own dog. Why would you put that pressure on yourself? And chances are, you're not even right!
  • Finally, don't search translations if you don't have to. There are so many grammar rules that never get taken into account, and you'll be saying something that is pretty much laughable...or offensive.
Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay