How to find the best fitting jeans without having to try them on!

Oh my gosh ... my mind is absolutely BLOWN by this one!

I hate trying stuff on at the store, and if you haven't noticed yet .... most places don't even allow you to use their fitting rooms right now because of good old Uncle COVID.

SO - I was so excited to read about this hack for finding the perfect fitting jeans without having to guess, take them home, and be disappointed if they don't fit (because let's be honest - especially for the ladies .... our sizes are NOT universal and are super frustrating).

A girl named Billie Newland posted this hack on TikTok where basically, you measure the waistband of the jeans by lining it up with the length of your arm from your elbow to your wrist. If the lengths match up - you're golden! She encouraged some of her friends and family to do it, and it worked out perfectly for them too!

So there ya go ... never get the wrong size again!

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