How to Save More Money Your Next Amazon Purchase

Pretty sure by now all of us have bought something on Amazon, if we don't buy the majority of our things from the mega retail giant. If you are the latter person there's a good chance your missing out on ways to save even more money while shopping online with Amazon. Here are 6 tips to help you save more everyday.

1. Not Timing Your Purchase Right

Amazon is already known for its deals on Prime Day.Which was moved this year to the fall. The site also holds massive sales around Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year.

2. Forgetting to Comparison Shop

Comparison shopping is a must when shopping online, install Amazon Assistant to your browser on a computer and make comparing prices easy, since it offers a 30-day price tracker tool that will help you find the best time to shop and save on the products you're looking for.

3. Not Reading Customer Reviews

One of the most helpful aspects of shopping on Amazon is the customer reviews. However don't forget to look beyond the star rating, since ratings could be skewed by inaccurate customer ratings. Also the reviews section may hold the answers to nearly any question you might have about the product.

4. Not Purchasing an Amazon Prime Subscription

Between free, ultra-fast shipping and discounts at Whole Foods, there are tons of benefits to an Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $119/year.

5. Not Taking Advantage of Amazon Warehouse and Outlets

Wait? This is a thing? Amazon Warehouse offers impressive deals on quality used products, including everything from computers and tablets to home improvement tools. Amazon Outlet has deals on a wide variety of overstock items.

6. Not Subscribing and Saving on Your Favorite Products

If you use Amazon to stock up on certain products you use weekly or monthly, you can save up to 15 percent when you choose the "subscribe and save" option.Depending on the option you choose these items will just auto order and show up on your porch.Imainge never having to fear running out of toilet paper?!

Source: Travel and Leisure

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