Lindsay Ell's new movement helps those who have been sexually assaulted

Lindsay Ell .... what a sweet, talented, and wonderful human.

You may have heard recently how she bravely spoke out about being sexually assaulted when she was 13 and when she was 21, and now she is starting a foundation (the Make You Movement - which goes along with one of the new songs on her album "Heart Theory" that comes out next month) to help those who have gone through the same. We talked about her experience with launching it, along with the rest of the new album and how therapeutic it was to write all of the songs on it.

We also talked about how different quarantine life has been compared to her crazy busy usual life on the road, what songs are on her work out playlist (girlfriend is a beast at the gym!), and more. Listen below, or search for Women Crushing It Wednesday on iHeartRadio !