Is Your Pet Misbehaving? You Might Be Too Smart

Do you have a poorly behaved dog or cat or just any kind of pet? It might be because you're too INTELLIGENT! Talk about a compliment, eh? Researchers pointed out in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior found that bad habits were worse in dogs with the smartest owners. Apparently, that's due to smarter owners spending less time with their pets, and obviously, with less "bonding" time and training, the dog will misbehave more. Researchers suggest things as simple as taking your dog for more or longer walks.

We talked about this on air, and I (Shan) equated it to having a kid. Although, I don't have one of those, I can imagine it's similar in the sense of, if you sit on the phone all day, you're kid is going to go rogue. It's the same with a pet. You have to actually play with, take care of and give it a chance to exercise!

If you want the full details on this study, check out this article.

Photo from Gilbert Reyes

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