Cooking Made Easy: Crockpot Chicken Fajita

Say the title of my blog in the tone of "pimpin ain't easy" - and it's semi funny.

I'm easily amused .... what can I say?

I know you're shocked to hear this with my garbage raccoon palette, but I am not the greatest cook ever. When it comes to meal prepping for the week, I rely on my old trusty friend The Crockpot (don't let "This Is Us" get you down ... it wasn't The CP's fault).

I found this recipe on Pinterest, but altered it a little bit because I'm picky with how my vegetables are prepared. I'm not a huge pepper person when they're cut into strips (know what I mean? like on a veggie platter? hard pass, fam) ... so I diced mine instead for this recipe. Plus, I cooked it longer than recommended because no body puts baby in a timed corner (if you get the reference - 20 invisible brownie points for you, my friend).

Ok so enough with my babbling .... here's the recipe:

  • 2 pounds of chicken
  • 3 peppers diced (I used yellow, orange, and red)
  • 2 small yellow onions diced
  • 16 oz of salsa (look out for added sugars and stuff you can't pronounce in the ingredients - I used the Double Roasted salsa from Trader Joe's. The recipe calls for 12 oz for 4 hours and then add the rest for an additional 2 hours but I just did the full 16 oz at once)
  • Optional: Juice of lime (2 tablespoons - but I didn't use any) and 1/2 teaspoon of salt

Put all of that in the Crockpot - and enjoy the next day if you're like me (I let that sucker simmer on low for 9 hours .... I like my chicken to basically break apart on it's own). I'm eating mine with rice and a little added soy shredded cheese and sometimes avocado added .... but get creative and have fun with yours!

Have any recipes you want to share? Hit me up on Instagram or Twitter - @RadioShanQuinn !

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