Bridal Dress Shopping in 2020 (Safely)

What a WHIRLWIND of a year it's been, eh? I feel so badly for all of the 2020 brides - as well as the 2021 brides because I feel like everything next year is getting harder to book with everyone postponing weddings. I have also had to make adjustments to my own wedding - which, while it's not ideal, it's just something we have to do.

With that being said - if you're in the midst of this headache of a season while planning a wedding, it's time you to think about a happy experience because your perfect dress awaits! Eva's Bridal and Evermore Bridal are working hard to make wedding dress shopping fun, memorable and safe. I actually got my dress at Eva's Bridal and have shopped at Evermore Bridal before. They're both such cute stores with an amazing staff, and they really are going above and beyond with safety precautions, as well as offering specials.

I'm not going to lie, I look at their social pages (click here and here) daily to see what new designs have come in! Yes, yes. I've already bought my dress, but if you didn't know, I went to school with the intention of designing wedding dresses (hard to believe because I never thought I would actually get married!). Both stores have such a great variety of designs, but they each have their own personalities. Eva's is in Oak Creek and has a large selection with styles in all different price ranges. Evermore Bridal is a trendy boutique in Brookfield that gives you a one-of-a-kind experience.

So, what does wedding dress shopping look like since the pandemic is kind of still among us? I sat down (well, we conversed while being socially distant) with the shops' owner, Erin, to chat about all of the changes.

A few key takeaways:

  • Shopping off-the-rack is just as special of an experience as shopping for a dress you have to order! Don't think because you have to "rush" the process that you won't get something unique!
  • You can still include everyone in your bridal and bridesmaid shopping experience - you might just have to get a little creative!
  • Eva's and Evermore are doing their best to accommodate're appointment and trying to save you some cash! (See below for their current deal!)
Eva's Bridal and Evermore Bridal

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