Don't Buy This Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

I guess the pandemic is the perfect time to realize what useless stuff you have laying around your house, right? Even if it still doesn't sound too appealing of a chore... Nonetheless! This will help free up your space and clear your mind. We came across this article on Reader's Digest and thought it made some great points!

Here's what you need to get rid of or stop buying to make your home a little more manageable:

  • Novelty items - because, why? Why have a plate just sitting there for "decor" or travel spoons displayed when you don't collect them?
  • Trendy clothes - Are you REALLY going to spend $200 on a bomber jacket with neon highlights if you can only wear it for the month of July even though Wisconsin is HOT in July? Yeah, you'll be feeling guilty about your purchase in a few days or weeks and realize you "spent too much money on it, so you don't want to donate it."
  • Kitchen gadgets - You don't need the quesadilla maker, the cake pop maker and the grilled cheese maker. You can do ALL THOSE THINGS without the "makers."
  • Clearance and dollar bin items - I SEE YOU GOING RIGHT WHEN YOU WALK INTO TARGET. DON'T DO IT, GIRL!
  • Organizers - You know those bins you buy to "organize" your stuff? Is what's in there actually organized or is it hiding your clutter?
  • Fad cookware - You don't need cookie cutters that are in the shapes of dinosaurs and bananas. When will you use that?
  • Craft supplies - While this might be somewhat useful, when's the last time you've said, "let's check out the craft box?" Most of the time, you buy what you need for a project anyways because you don't know where the craft box is.
  • Seasonal Decor - Yes, people will be arguing about this one. If you love Christmas and your villages - go for it. But, do you need the strands of lights that are burnt out that you "haven't gotten around to fixing?" Or the random heart cutouts that you put up for Valentine's day when no one comes over to celebrate love day because you're going out for dinner with your S/O?

All in all, you make your own rules. Some of the above are probably worth the "pain" of clutter to you. If so, keep it. Ditch what you feel necessary!

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