Ways To Make Healthier Cocktails

To make the most of your happy hour and cut back on calories or sugar, try these tips from registered dietitians.

Is there anything better after a long day than an ice cold beverage?Whether it’s an ice cold beer, glass of wine or a cocktail, if you’re watching your weight or trying to stay healthy, there are a lot of empty calories in alcoholic drinks.Some beverage choices are worse than others so not overdoing it and making smart choices is key.

  • Choose sweet mixers wisely - If you like your vodka mixed with something sweet, steer clear of ones with all sugar. Better option is 100% real juice. It’s better for your health and your hangover.
  • Mix sparkling water with wine or liquor - It’ll help cut calories and keep you hydrated while drinking.
  • Make a Bloody Mary for a burst of antioxidants.
  • Use kombucha for a bubbly and gut-friendly mixer – Yes, you can use it like a soda or juice.
  • Add real fruit – Real limes or berries can add flavor without all the sugar.
  • Skip the booze altogether - You can find nonalcoholic wine, champagne, beer, and spirits and that will save you calories.
  • Swap out syrupy liquors.
  • Look for lower-calorie wines - A serving of wine has an average of 125 calories, but there are varieties that are made with natural ingredients and clock in at around 100 calories a serving.

Source: PopSugar

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